When you decide to “Study English with Bonina" face to face or online, you’ll find that your host and your teacher are one and the same person! What this means is that you will live and you will learn in the home of your teacher. Not only will you have formal lessons every day, but you will continue to learn English informally as you share meals and social time with your teacher. This makes the experience of learning English a completely immersive one. As well as the formal study of grammar and vocabulary, there will be the time and the opportunity to learn about English culture, traditions and current affairs in a relaxed and social atmosphere. 

The learning experience continues as Bonina takes you on outings to local towns and villages, both shopping and sightseeing. She will ensure that you have a clean and comfortable room, take three meals a day and generally continue your lessons informally by spending so much time with her. 

Bonina has learned through experience that the best and the fastest progress is made when the student is immersed in English culture, and there is no better way to achieve this than by living and studying in the home of the teacher!


  • daily life in England

  • people and places in England

  • number, time, weights, measures and money in England

  • English terminology - student specific

  • reading & writing in English

  • English current affairs

The School uses resources such as radio, TV, videos, newspapers and websites to provide real life situations. 

By the end of the course the students will have acquired skills which 

enable them to communicate more easily with native English speakers.

The Intensive Course in English has had students from Japan, China, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil, Italy and France. 


 By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Ask questions to obtain personal and factual information

  • Clearly express statements of fact

  • Give a short description and make comparisons

  • Listen for detail and gist

  • Listen for grammatical detail

  • Extract main points and ideas; predict words from context

  • Skim and scan texts

  • Proof read to check for content and expression

  • Use punctuation accurately

  • Use sentence grammar accurately



One of the main objectives of the School of English is that students should be completely immersed in the English language. This will be achieved through the following:​​​

  • living with an English family

  • the study of English grammar

  • expansion of English vocabulary

  • studying with different teachers

  • developing & improving English pronunciation