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Sussex School of English (SSE) started its activities in 2022, in Forest Row, East Sussex, and since that time has been successful in attracting students from all over the world.


The course teacher follows the method of a specific English-language tuition book, but she also go beyond what is written there in order to cultivate a familiarity and intimacy with the language, qualities which are so necessary for a student to acquire.


This course is planned in such a way that the students can absorb and understand the language easily, while maximizing their learning.

In the morning sessions the focus is on grammar and the development of speech. The teacher bases these lessons on the structure provided by the textbook, but in addition there are lots of games and role plays, which make communication and understanding easier, and which also help give students the confidence to speak and write correctly. They learn to read with an excellent pronunciation and are invited to read articles as if they were on the BBC !


In the afternoon the teacher will focus for two hours on current themes such as; the life and culture of the English people; their way of speaking; key words to develop a conversation; tips to read newspapers and magazines; and also exercises with podcasts from the BBC.


Among others these are some of the themes to be studied in a typical intermediary English course in our school: talking about you; the world around you; stories of your life and culture; scheduling a social meeting; things that you cannot miss in your life; and much more!




Forest Row is a village of 5,500 people, situated one hour by train south of London, and surrounded by the beautiful Ashdown Forest. 

In this small and busy village there are two biodynamic farms, several types of alternative therapies, organic shops, Indian, Tai, Chinese and Italian restaurants, coffee-shops, pubs, and also a prize-winning film club.


Once a year there is a festival in Forest Row when the village stops to celebrate life. There is a film festival, several exhibitions, original local theatre performances, live music, dancing, bike rides, natural food and lots more.

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Full Board Accommodation in individual rooms in carefully inspected and qualified home of a qualified CRB checked English teacher in East Sussex in the UK).  Pick up and return to Gatwick Airport, three meals/day and coffee breaks, 24-hour coordinator/teacher available. Agreed contracted number of hours tuition ( all units are a full 60 minutes). A full day excursion per week and 2 informal half-day excursions/week.


There will be an individual room for the student and a shared bathroom and kitchen in the house.




The student will take a written test and an oral test via Skype so that we can assess which level of course they need to take.


It is important that the student should be able to speak at least a little English beforehand, but if not some preparation should be made before starting the course.


Sussex School of English also offers Skype lessons which can be scheduled before the course begins, and also after the student has finished the course, to keep up with the language or to prepare for the next level.




The closest airport to Emerson College is London Gatwick.

Travel by train is from London Victoria to East Grinstead Station, which is 10 minutes from Forest Row.


About Me

Seven years ago Bonina Moran founded a course in "English as a Foreign Language" as an independent business, and has acquired considerable expertise in dealing with applicants, teachers, and EFL agencies in different countries. Through this experience she has also learned how to coordinate course programmes, and look after students’ home needs as well as educational needs, as she is responsible for finding and assessing their accommodation.

Bonina speaks four languages (English, Portuguese, French and Italian). She is a qualified English teacher in the UK and she's got the DPSI (Diploma in Public Service Interpreting); Bonina is also a member of CIOL (Chartered Institute of Linguists) and IOL (Institute of Linguists). Bonina is a journalist who graduated from Estacio de Sá (University in Brasil).

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